Do we make good deals when we buy at the auction ?

A purchase on auction garaties you to buy the vehicle at the market price.

Do we need to be an expert to buy from an auction ?

No. Our sales are public sales which means they are open to all, whether they are traders, wholesaler or from the general public.
No need to be a specialist to buy, simply use the catalogue, ask any quesitons to the onsite sales team and verify the item on an open day visit.
Our team is at your disposition to answer any questions you may have.

Where are the items from ?

The items presented are from France and mainly issued from financial institutions, manufacturer's or fleet owners.

What are the garanties ?

Due to our intermediate stature, we are not allowed to garanty the items. Items are therefore sold in their current condition which means there is no possible retraction after the sale.
Our role is therefore to make sure you clearly measure and appreciate the quality of the item thanks to systematic controls, detailed descriptions and a full transparency on our behalf with regard to the mechanical state (log book, certificates, …).
Further more, some items may still be prone to a manufacturer's warranty that you may extend directly with them.

Can we test the items ?

Items cannot be tested per say (driven, articulated …).
You may, however, ask one of our staff members on-site for the item to be switched on, opened up, levels checked …

Do we need to be present during the auction to bid ?

No. If you can't be on-site during the sale you may leave a bid order.
This bid order is your maximum offer, excluding buyer fee's, up to which you're willing to go.
During the sale, the auctioneer will bid on your behalf.
Bid orders are submitted via the web site. On each item's detail page, click the button "Place a bid online" and follow the various steps.

Can we buy an item before the sale ?

No. All items that we present are sold through the auctions and to the highest bidder. Items can therefore not be sold before the sale.

Can we recuperate the VAT for export ?

Certain items are sold with VAT included in the auction price as mentioned on the items detail page (VAT : YES).
Once the item is exported and conforming to french legislation, you may obtain a refund of the VAT by presenting the following documents up to 3 months after the sale :
  • Original EXA slip, stamped by border control proving the item has left the territory ;
  • Original foreign residence certificate ;
  • Original power of attorney authority compliant document to refund the VAT (including the mention "for VAT refund") ;
  • Photocopy of the owner's ID with home/business adresse outsite of EU (passport, ID card, residence document) ;
  • If the deadline is over-run, a proof of delay is required.