Who are we ?

With over 15000 heavy machinery & equipment sold per year, our group is the number one auction house of heavy machinery & equipment.
For heavy machinery & equipment, we operate under the brand Encheres Mat. For vehicles, we operate under the brand Aquitaine Enchères Automobiles in Bordeaux & Toulouse Enchères Automobiles in Toulouse (the head quarters).

  • Auction hall : Toulouse - Bruguières
  • Heavy machinery & Equipment
  • Auction every last tuesday of every month
  • Infrastructure
    • Covered building with aprox 150 seats
    • Covered exhibition hall approx 2000m²
    • Compound of over 3.5 acres
  • State recognised auctioneers : Paul Arnauné, Guillaume Arnauné, Serge Clausen, Eric Prim


A well known auctioneer for heavy machinery & equipment in France

The SCP Arnauné-Prim was one of the first in France from the sixties to specilize in the auctions of second hand machinery and vehicles.

With regard to machinery & equipment, Enchères Mat offers not only machinery but also LCV's, agriculture machinery and heavy equipment.

In 2006, Enchères Mat was setup as it's own individual entity.


Public auctions open to everyone.

The auction, is a public auction, meaning that it is open to the general public and professionals alike.


Transpareceny at the heart of our services

Our auction sites have put transparency at the heart of their services :
  • Detailed descriptions : commercial type, engine, trims, options, … ;
  • Systematic communication on all elements in our posessoin giving us a better comprehension of the state of the vehicle : log book, etc ;
  • MOT on all LCV's ;
  • VGP (vérification générale périodique) on all machinery ;
  • Public exhibition of all items before the auction.

This approach is ti maintain a level of quality like no other.

All our businesses are accredited by the Conseil des Ventes Volontaires and recognized by the state.